How to Start Studying

How to Start Studying

Education is very important and we always wanted to know how to make study plan. I am not against late night study but base on science best time to learn and study is earlier morning. So firstly make strategy base on it. In Next article we will discuss and point out strategy of late night Study.  Firstly, Wake up early in the morning. Here is some points:-

1.           Create a Successful Studying schedule

2.           Start as soon as possible

3.           Limit Your Session Length

4.           Choose Your Study Space

5.           Spend the most time on your study

6.           Study every day

7.           Manage your time

8.           Make a study sheet

9.           Study tough subjects first

10.         Study the important vocabulary

11.         Take breaks during your study time to refresh your mind

12.         Assemble a study group

13.         Understand the structure of study

14.         Know the topics about your study very well

15.         Remove your personal disruption when you studying

16.         Sit at the front of the class

17.         Test yourself frequently

18.         Discover your learning style

19.         Review and revise

20.         Stay physically active.

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