How to Start Cooking

How to Start Cooking

Cooking is not a task, It is  an art. During Cooking, We need to take care about some following import points:-


  1. Be dependable and Start Cooking Today
  2. Keep your kitchen neat and clean
  3. Plan cooking a complete meal
  4. Start with small dishes
  5. Relax and make yourself comfortable in the Kitchen
  6. Collect all raw materials which in use in cooking
  7. Use your stovetop as a countertop
  8. Keep a folding table in the closet.
  9. Get creative with storage arrangements
  10. Focus on simple recipes with limited ingredients.
  11. Keep your knives sharp
  12. Ready your Cooking equipment
  13. Clear your kitchen counters
  14. Cook healthy foods
  15. Use fresh ingredients
  16. Start with foods/recipes you like
  17. Be confident
  18. Give yourself more time
  19. Learn, practice, and fear not the mistakes
  20. Grow up slowly
  21. Read a good recipe book
  22. Share it with others
  23. Cook one major dish regularly and enjoy the process.

One thought on “How to Start Cooking

  1. · You choose your words very belluiftauy, my friend. I am very much a fly by the seat of my pants, look in the fridge to see what we have, improvise my way to a meal kinda gal. My husband is a line by line, prepare in advance, shop for specifics kinda guy. Together, we make great foodstuff.

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